Understand The Three Levels Of Interoperability

Staff Writer | Health Language | November 12, 2014

Healthcare may have been among the last industries to automate, but the sector has made up for lost time.  Indeed, electronic data and healthcare IT (HIT) systems have expanded rapidly in recent years. But technical innovation has developed in isolated pockets. The first wave of HIT development took place in the billing and claims departments. Localized development of ancillary clinical systems such as laboratory, radiology, and pharmacy followed the rollout of administrative systems. More recently, the healthcare industry’s focus has shifted to electronic health record (EHR) systems.

Those various healthcare systems, for the most part, have evolved independently of one another and continue to exist, for the most part, as islands of automation. Understandably, communication ranks among the most pressing technology issues the healthcare community faces today. Bridging the communications gap has become hugely important...