Epson Enters Fitness Monitor Market with Pulsense Band and Watch

Tom Fowler | medGadget | January 7, 2014

Epson announced its Pulsense line of watches and wristbands for fitness, health, and wellness monitoring at this year’s CES conference. Pulsense is a device worn on the wrist that can monitor heart rate, activity levels, calories burnt, and sleep patterns. The Pulsense product line will be Epson’s first smart wrist wearable devices, and the company promises it to be distinct from competitors thanks to the company’s patented unique biosensor technology.

Epson is taking an open-source approach to beef up the capabilities of their wearable tech device line, and Pulsense is offering a developers program to attract other app developers.

Pulsense has two versions, a band and a watch, both of which should be shipping in the summer of 2014. The MSRP for the Pulsense PS-100 band is $129.00 and PS-500 watch is $199.00.