OpenWFD Aims To Bring Wireless Display Streaming To Tablets, Phones

Christopher Tozzi | The Var Guy | November 4, 2013

Wireless connectivity between devices and display monitors remains mostly fantasy today, Google's Chromecast notwithstanding. But it could become a big deal for tablets, smartphones and even traditional PCs in the future. And it may even work on Linux, if the nascent OpenWFD project succeeds—which would be very good news for open source hardware vendors.

Launched about two weeks ago by experienced open source hacker David Herrmann, OpenWFD's goal is to develop an open source implementation of the Wifi-Display standard, better known as Miracast. Although the project's specific focus remains unclear, the software it aims to produce should make it possible for Linux-based devices—as well as those running other platforms, possibly—to connect to monitors and other types of displays wirelessly, without the need for pesky cables.