Up Close And Personal With Twitter's Open Source Manager Chris Aniszczyk

Weston Davis | opensource.com | October 21, 2013

It's official: Twitter is a global phenomenon, and it's hard to argue against the numbers supporting that statement. What started as a small, quasi-micro-blogging company in 2006, gained steam in 2007 with the service generating around 500,000 tweets per quarter, or roughly 1100 tweets per day, and exploded to worldwide service with a staggering 500 million tweets per day by 2013.

The idea was simple—it's a social utility where you'd openly share your status updates with your friends, and maybe others too. Today, Twitter is the source for breaking news, a necessity for product and brand promotion, a Q&A service for business customers, and yes, even a tool to organize government uprisings, not to mention still a place to share a link with a friend.

Twitter is a worldwide, open, information sharing service and repository; a mind-numbingly simple "e-voice" for the people. Now on the verge of an IPO, we managed to grab Twitter's Open Source Manager, Chris Aniszczyk, for a few questions leading up to his presentation at the All Things Open conference this year.