Mobile Health Around The Globe: Magpi Data Collection System Helps Thousands Worldwide

Joan Justice | HealthWorks Collective | June 10, 2013

DataDyne boasts that their mobile data system, Magpi, is the fastest, easiest least expensive way to collect data on mobile devices. Magpi is an award-winning mobile Data System that is used by 20,000 people worldwide, including World Bank, the CDC, the Red Cross and others.  Since Magpi is designed to require no training or programming and is based in the cloud, it cuts down on costs and is readily available for use by anyone.

You can simply go to the Magpi website and create an account, design forms, download them to phones and start collecting data in minutes for free.  Magpi is made at DataDyne's office in Kenya and field tested there and elsewhere around the globe.  Magpi, funded entirely by paying users, is a model for sustainability and has won numerous awards.

You can go here to watch an excellent video on how to set up and use the Magpi system...