Open Health IT Communities

There are thousands of open source health IT development projects, software products, and organizations around the world.  Over the past few years the major initiatives have started to coalesce into communities. The following is a list of some of these 'open health' communities along with links to community resources (organizations, software, projects) and news related to the communities. We will continue to add communities to the following table over time. Let us know about communities you think ought to be added to the table along with key links.

Selected 'Open Health' Communities

EU Community Resources
EU Community News
OpenMRS Community Resources
OpenMRS Community News
MIRTH Community Resources
MIRTH Community News
OSCAR Community Resources
OSCAR Community News
NHIN Community Resources
NHIN Community News
RPMS Community Resources
RPMS Community News
OpenEMR Community Resources
OpenEMR Community News
VistA Community Resources
VistA Community News

Other 'open health' communities are emerging around genomic information systems, medical imaging, mobile health apps, medical research tools, etc. in continents around the world, e.g. Africa, Asia.

Let us know about other 'open health' communities you think ought to be highlighted and added to Open Health News ( and this table.