Implantable eCare Systems

Low cost and high-performance implantable health care solutions based on emerging nanotechnologies will dramatically change the daily clinical practices of many health care providers and the lives of the patients they treat. "Implantables" have already evolved from artificial hips and knees to assistive devices that have built-in electronics such as artificial pacemakers or cochlear implants.

Next generation implantable eCare systems will consist of nanotechnology implants that gather information, communicate, and interconnect with EHR and PHR systems. The following are a few selected examples of implantable technologies already being used in the healthcare arena:

  •  Implantable Patient ID/Information Microchips
  •  Implantable Cardioverter-Defibrillators & Pacemakers
  •  Implantable Visual Sensory Aids & Hearing Devices
  •  Implantable Stimulators – Brain/Nerves/Bladder/Diaphragm/Etc.
  •  Implantable Drug Administration & Pain Control Devices
  •  Implantable Sensors and/or Active Monitoring Devices

Initially implantable devices were passive in nature, simply monitoring a particular condition. Over time these devices have became active in nature, performing a particular action based on the monitoring capabilities of the implantable devices. We are now moving into the realm of interactive implantable systems.

As the capabilities of these implantable nanotechnology medical devices are enhanced to receive, store, transmit, and act on information, one can only imagine how these will be used in the future to treat illnesses and improve our overall health.

Some implantable health IT products and companies to check out include:

* Also read Implantable Medical Devices & EHR Systems published in Virtual Medical Worlds in 2007 - See


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