Top Contenders for next year's 'Open' HITS List

A few weeks a go, we published our current list of top 'open' health IT solutions – the HITS List for 2011.  It contained our top picks from amongst the many high quality open source health IT solutions now available. Several other open source or public domain solutions were also possible top contenders, but didn't make the list. I'm sure that by the time we publish our top picks early next year, several of the systems on this year's list will find themselves knocked from their top spots on the HITS List for 2012.

Please take the time to let us know who you think should have been on this year's list and why they ought to be on the open source HITS List for 2012. I expect many government developed solutions in the public domain will be top contenders to be added to the list. But remember, they've got to be high quality solutions that have been around for a while, and are being used and supported by a growing 'open' community.

Should DAWN, GIMIAS, HEAL, Indivo, MediSnap, MITK, OpenISES, PHIN, Sahana, Ushahidi, Vision2, or WebEMS be on next year's list? Go to to read more about these and other open source health IT solutions. 

Who do you think should be on next year's open source HITS List?