W. Scott Gould

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Another Senior VA Official Steps Down

Patrick Dickson | Stars and Stripes | April 29, 2013

Veterans Affairs deputy secretary W. Scott Gould has resigned. The news was first reported by Federal News Radio. VA Secretary Eric Shinseki put out a statement via the department’s web site... Read More »

Investing in people keeps the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs on mission.

Tony Bingham and Pat Galagan | ASTD | November 8, 2012

As deputy secretary of VA since 2009, W. Scott Gould has shown himself to be a true champion of human capital. He has fought for and won training budgets that support more than 60 learning and development initiatives to help VA employees deliver on their mission of service—and show measurable results. We talked with Gould at VA headquarters in Washington, D.C. Read More »

VA’s Disability Claims Backlog Tops 900,000

Bob Brewin | Nextgov | December 28, 2012

The Veterans Affairs Department’s disability claims backlog edged above the 900,000 mark this week, with 608,365 -- 67.6 percent -- stuck in the system more than 125 days. Read More »