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How CIOs Can Use FITARA To Get Away From Waterfall

Roger Baker | FCW | January 30, 2015

The newly enacted Federal Information Technology Acquisition Act provides an opportunity for federal CIOs to eliminate waterfall as an accepted approach for IT systems development, bringing the government in line with the private sector...

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How The NSA Undermines Cybersecurity

Brendan Sasso | Nextgov.com | April 30, 2014

...Officials have warned for years that a sophisticated cyberattack could cripple critical infrastructure or allow thieves to make off with the financial information of millions of Americans. President Obama pushed Congress to enact cybersecurity legislation, and when it didn’t, he issued his own executive order in 2013...

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OMB Turns To The People-Solution To Fix Troubled IT Programs

Jason Miller | Federal News Radio | September 15, 2014

...Steve VanRoekel, the federal chief information officer, detailed two specific initiatives under the agenda's smarter IT delivery area to address the technical expertise of federal employees. One is around flexible hiring, and a second is trying another employee exchange program...

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