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1 Drop Of Blood & 60 Minutes: Breakthrough Device Heralds Future Of Cancer Detection

Staff Writer | RT News | October 18, 2014

Early cancer detection can save millions of lives but current diagnostic methods remain costly and invasive. However, a new startup is developing a device which could detect dozens of cancers with a single blood test...

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Achieving 'Singularity' Through Collaboration, Sharing, and 'Open' Solutions

Want a look into the future? Check out Doug Wolens’ recently released documentary film entitled, “The Singularity”. It contains a truly impressive cast of scientists, futurists and philosophers discussing the uncertainty of what the future holds for humanity as we move towards that moment in time where we achieve ‘singularity’.

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Kurzweil: Observations on Innovation and the Future

Vivek Wadhwa | MedCity News | November 18, 2012

Kurzweil is the world’s most prominent futurist and author of the recently-released “How to Create A Mind: The Secret of Human Thought Revealed.” With his permission, I [Vivek Wadhwa] am sharing our Oct. 15 email exchange. We discussed where the jobs of the future will be found and whether humanity will evolve fast enough to take advantage of the opportunities and new tools these future jobs will generate. Read More »