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Detecting Asteroids, Meteors Takes On New Urgency

Elizabeth Weise and Dan Vergano | USA Today | February 18, 2013

A meteor-mapping satellite is envisioned that could serve as a space sentry to detect future close encounters and allow scientists to better protect the planet. Read More »

NASA's Android-Powered Mini-Satellites

Leah Yamshon | TechHive | September 18, 2012

What could you do with $3500 and an old smartphone? You could toss the phone, take the cash, and buy yourself the next best smartphone. Or, with a bit of a DIY attitude, you could push the limits of this hefty piece of technology and use it to power something else. Read More »

Space station poised to launch open-source satellites

Lisa Grossman | NewScientist | August 7, 2013

Want to do your own space experiment? From next week, you will be able to run science projects on the world's first open-source satellites. Read More »

Why NASA Is Firing Cell Phones Into Space

Brian Fung | Nextgov | April 24, 2013

Today, in NASA Is the Best: The space agency this week took a handful of cheap but powerful smartphones, slapped them to a gigantic rocket and blasted them into low-earth orbit to see how they'd fare. The project, called PhoneSat, is one of those wacky experiments that seems at first to have nothing to do with science. But it's not a stunt. Read More »