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RESTful Health Exchange

Brian Ahier | Government Health IT | August 2, 2012

I have been involved in a new S&I-affiliated initiative called RESTful Health Exchange (RHEx), which will test application of the REST-style (Representational State Transfer) architecture to health information exchange...RHEx is attempting to develop specifications for secure RESTful transport for healthcare exchange to be used in conjunction with SOAP and SMTP currently being used in Exchange and Direct. Read More »

Revelstone Brings ‘Moneyball’ To Government

Luke Fretwell | GovFresh | November 2, 2012

Give us the 140-character elevator pitch. Revelstone provides a web-based performance analytics and benchmarking platform to help local governments manage better. Read More »

Strata Week: Leaked Documents, Intel Committees, Definition Of Data Mining, And Accumulo

Ann Spencer | O'Reilly Strata | June 21, 2013

I was cranky from absorbing the NSA news dominating many data conversations.[...] My crankiness dissolved a bit after speaking with Q and other Chicago-based people who are working on positive impact data science projects. Read More »

Tracking Real-Time Health With Twitter Data Serves As An Early Warning System

Sarah Fudin | | May 1, 2013

As the open source ethic has changed the way that we share and develop resources, crowdsourcing is redefining how we can create new resources based upon that willingness to share. One example of crowdsourcing at work for the betterment of us all is public health researchers turning to Twitter to collect real-time data about public health. Read More »

VA Harnesses Big Data For Broader Impact

Judi Hasson | AOL Government | August 23, 2012

Dr. Stephan Fihn is sitting on the edge of a revolution at the Department of Veterans Affairs, where big data is becoming easily accessible for clinicians and analysts throughout its 160 hospitals. Read More »