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Don’t Call It “Open Source” Unless You Mean It

Christian Heilmann | | October 22, 2012

[...]Releasing an open source product is much more than making it available for free. It is a process, an ongoing commitment to nurturing something by sharing it with the world. Open source and its merits can actually be a blueprint of a much more democratic world to come as Clay Shirky explains in How the Internet will (one day) transform government. Read More »

Firefox Beta Brings New 'Home' Design To Android, Desktop Version Gains Firefox OS App Manager

Edgar Alvarez | Engadget | October 31, 2013

Early adopters know that Firefox likes to put new features through the paces via beta versions of its browser. Accordingly, Firefox today announced some fresh goodies for both mobile and desktop... Read More »

Image Management System Aids Radiologist/Cardiologist Workflow.

Press Release | Heart IT | October 23, 2013

Heart IT, the global leader that pioneered the first FDA approved zero-footprint medical imaging workstation, announced today the release of the OsiriX interface for the WebPAX(®) image management system. Read More »