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Health Start-Ups! - Crowd Funding And Project Testing

Joan Justice | Health Tech Hatch | June 18, 2013

Project testing and funding are necessary steps in the launch of the start-up.  Crowd-funding is the new kid on the block and is making a lot of waves in the start-up world.  And thanks to the Jumpstart Our Business Startups Act (JOBS Act), which goes into effect in 2013, crowdfunding will transition from a donation to a true investment model. Read More »

Health Tech Hatch Brings Crowdfunding And Testing Together

Laura Billingsley | Silicon Prairie News | January 15, 2013

A crowdfunding and beta-testing platform's creators hope to change the way health care products and apps go to market. Based in Iowa City, Health Tech Hatch combines testing and funding into one website, allowing developers to receive feedback from users before finalizing their product. Read More »

Health Tech Hatch Chosen As Test Platform For Mobile App Challenge

Eric Wicklund | mHIMSS | December 18, 2012

A California-based crowdfunding and development resource for mHealth entrepreneurs has been selected to provide the testing platform for the Mobile App Challenge. Read More »

What Is Crowdfunding?

Anne Giles Clelland | Handshake 2.0 | December 23, 2012

[...] I am so excited that colleagues, friends and family members are asking me, "What is crowdfunding?" I'm not an expert by any means and this will be my first crowdfunding experience, but here's my thinking on the answer to the question. Read More »