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Opening Up The Indian Rare Disease Market: An Interview With ORD India

Cameron | Total Orphan Drugs | March 20, 2014

We here at Total Orphan Drugs, as part of this month’s focus on emerging markets for the orphan drug industry, have been speaking to Harsha K Rajasimha of the newly formed Organization for Rare Diseases India (ORDI).  With a rare disease population estimated to be around 72,611,605 (more than the US and EU rare disease populations combined) the need for orphan treatments is huge, and with little in place so far, India represents a lucrative market to developers and pharma looking to expand their orphan operations.

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Proposed Orphan Drug Framework For Canada

James Radke | RDR: Rare Disease Report | April 15, 2014

The gold standards for Orphan Drug Policies are those in the United States and the European Union. Canada is one of the few developed countries without a regulatory framework for orphan drugs. Hopefully, that will soon change.  Health Canada are currently developing a National Orphan Drug Framework.

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The Collateral Benefits of India's Open Source Drug Discovery Programme

Priyanka Pulla | Forbes India | April 9, 2014

India's Open Source Drug Discovery programme is struggling for lack of expertise and a research ecosystem. However, the programme's real contribution may be the creation of just such an ecosystem Read More »

WIB Profile: Cutting The Length, Cost, And Complexity Of Clinical Trials

Ed Miseta | Clinical Leader | December 19, 2013

Sophie McCallum has spent almost four years with clinical solutions firm Clinovo, currently serving as its director of operations. In this position, McCallum oversees and manages the marketing, HR, finance, and inside sales departments. Read More »