military sexual trauma (MST)

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After Sexual Trauma, Soldiers Search For Better Care, Peace

Caitlin Cruz and Asha Anchan | Kaiser Health News | October 30, 2013

At least one in five female veterans of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan has screened positive for military sexual trauma (MST) once back home, Department of Veterans Affairs records show. And this may understate the crisis, experts say, because this number only counts women who go to the VA for help. Read More »

Bay Pines VA Doc Testifies Before Congress On Military Sexual Trauma

Bobbie O'Brien | WUSF News | July 20, 2013

More mental health programs are needed for male veterans who are living with Military Sexual Trauma (MST) according to a top psychologist and researcher from Bay Pines VA Health Care System. Read More »

DoD, VA Failing To Treat Military Sexual Trauma, Veterans Testify

Patricia Kime | Marine Corps Times | July 19, 2013

The Defense and Veterans Affairs departments are failing to provide adequate mental health services to troops and veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder caused by sexual assault — a deficiency that contributes to lifelong struggles [...]. Read More »

Lost Among Us: New Veterans Programs Aim To Reach Homeless And Mentally Ill

Jennifer Berry Hawes | The Post and Courier | November 2, 2013

It is a mighty goal — to end veteran homelessness by 2016. Sounds a bit lofty even. But the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs has been putting its money where its PR is. Read More »

Military Sexual Assault Survivors Face Broken VA Treatment System

Meredith Clark | MSNBC | July 19, 2013

Former Navy Petty Officer Third Class Brian Lewis had a clear answer when asked what he thought about the current Veterans’ Health Administration system for treating survivors of military sexual trauma: “I cannot in good conscience recommend VA to a survivor of military sexual assault at this time,” he told the House Committee on Veterans Affairs. Read More »

Military Sexual Trauma Survivor Helps Others Overcome Abuse

Colleen Flaherty | Killeen Daily Herald | February 25, 2012

Some 3,191 sexual assaults were reported in the military last year but due to the historically underreported nature of such crimes, the true incidence of sexual assault likely approaches 19,000, according to a Defense Department estimate. In 2010, the military received 3,158 reports of sexual assault, 1,781 of which involved Army personnel, according to information from the Army. Read More »

Treating the Wounds of Military Sexual Trauma

Matthew Hay Brown | The Baltimore Sun | March 10, 2012

One in five women screened by the Department of Veterans Affairs reports having experienced severe sexual harassment, attempted assault or rape during military service. VA officials believe the number of unreported incidents makes the actual percentage of women who have suffered military sexual trauma — also known as MST — significantly higher.

Read More »

Women, War, And PTSD

Laura Kasinof | Washington Monthly | November 1, 2013

Are female warriors more likely to be traumatized by combat? Read More »