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'Open' Government Health Information Portals for Consumers

There are many free Health Information portals that have been developed and made available online by the U.S. government for consumers to obtain trusted information about a wide range of health related issues, e.g. nutrition, cancer, womens health, etc.  Take a quick look at some of these and share the links to these portals with friends and family.

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Canadian Journal Open Medicine Closes

Helen Branswell | The Canadian Press | November 4, 2014

Open Medicine, an open-access journal started after a crisis at the Canadian Medical Association Journal, has closed.  The editors say that after seven years, they are ceasing their struggle to keep the journal afloat...

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HealtheGames - 2013 Update

Here's a quick 2013 update on the topic of computer games in healthcare - HealtheGames. It's a thriving business – with hardware and software sales well over $60 billion this year. Read More »

IBM Sics Cloud on Drug Patents

Eric Smalley | Wired | December 9, 2011

Need to scour the world’s patent databases for a particular chemical compound? There’s a cloud for that. IBM has released the Strategic IP Insight Platform (SIIP), a cloud-based data analytics system designed to give a shot in the arm to businesses’ intellectual property efforts. The system searches the US Patent and Trademark Office, the European Patent Office and the World Intellectual Property Organization patent databases, as well as abstracts from MEDLINE, the US government’s scientific literature database.

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No Publication Fee For MEDLINE/ISI Indexed Journals During Open Access Week

Press Release | OMICS Group | October 16, 2013

OMICS Group International celebrates Open Access Week from 21st October - 27th October 2013 on a grand platform, as it is committed to promoting the scientific knowledge propagation worldwide through its 'Open Access' Journals and conferences. OMICS Group feels pride to announce OPEN ACCESS week to facilitate advancement of research and its dissemination. Read More »