Marcin Jakubowski

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Appropriate Technology, Open Source Blueprints

Daniel Krotz | Carroll County News | May 7, 2012

Using wikis and digital fabrication tools, Missouri farmer Marcin Jakubowski is open-sourcing the blueprints for 50 farm machines, allowing anyone to build their own tractor or harvester from scratch. And that's only the first step he's taking to write instruction sets for an entire self-sustaining farm operation with equipment costs of under $10,000. Read More »

Hacking the Farm with Low-Cost, Open Source Tool Designs

After starting his own farm in Missouri, Marcin Jakubowski quickly discovered it's an expensive business. The tools he needed to start and maintain a sustainable farm didn't exist, so he set out to design them himself. Marcin published a collection of his open source designs, called the Global Village Construction Set, to the Open Source Ecology wiki. Soon, just as in open source software, others from around the world began to collaborate with him in designing these new machines. According to the wiki, "Global Village Construction Set is a modular, DIY, low-cost, high-performance platform that enables fabrication of the 50 different industrial machines that it takes to build a small, sustainable civilization with modern comforts...

Let’s Collaborate On Open Source Hardware Design

Simone Cicero | Shareable | April 11, 2013

I met with Marcin Jakubowski, founder of Open Source Ecology, and Catarina Mota, founder of Open Materials and co-chair of the Open Hardware Summit, in Lisbon a few months ago. We [...] spent a couple of days together talking about how we could create new foundations for more collaboration on Open Hardware design and documentation. Read More »

Open Source Hardware-The Next Frontier

You've heard of open source software. Open data. Open access. Open knowledge. With the origin of open source software, an entire culture with a distinct ethos and community of “openness” was born. But what exactly is open source hardware? Read More »

Open Source Hardware: Exploring New Territory

As momentum from the open source culture continues to snowball, it acquires new categories—the newest component being open hardware. While open hardware lacks the benefit of a unified movement and faces legal obstacles, it is based upon the same principles that made open source software a soaring success. It also promises to effect positive change in many different fields, including (to name just two) farming and healthcare. Read More »

Steam Punks

Jeffrey Winters | Mechanical Engineering | June 1, 2012

How many of your possessions could you make yourself? A couple of amateur engineers  are working to design and build a set of tools that would enable the self-reliant to make everything they need. Read More »