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How Munich rejected Steve Ballmer and kicked Microsoft out of the city

Nick Heath | Tech Republic | November 18, 2013

Breaking up with Microsoft is hard to do. Just ask Peter Hofmann, the man leading the City of Munich's project to ditch Windows and Office in favour of open source alternatives. Read More »

No, Microsoft, open source software really is cheaper, insists Munich

Nick Heath | ZDNet | February 7, 2013

Which is cheaper - using open source or Microsoft's software? The software giant and the city of Munich have come up with very different answers.  The city of Munich has hit back at Microsoft in a row over whether the city's plan to use open-source software is cheaper than using Microsoft's products. Read More »

Switch to open source successfully completed, City of Munich says

Loek Essers | ComputerWorld | December 12, 2013

Munich's switch to open-source software has been successfully completed, with the vast majority of the public administration's users now running its own version of Linux, city officials said Thursday. Read More »