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Avoiding a patient’s lawsuit could hinge on device interoperability

Sara Jackson | Fierce Mobile | August 31, 2011

Hospital CIOs and physicians I've talked with are clearly thinking about how the new 24/7 availability of this information on mobile devices (rather than via a desktop PC) increases a physician's liability. Read More »

Ignoring Social Media Trends May Be Harmful For Hospitals

Matthew Smith | Health Directions | July 10, 2013

A new report from Hewlett-Packard Social Media Solutions claims hospitals put both their patients and reputations at risk by ignoring social media. Read More »

Q and A: What Feds Can Learn From Cities' Open Data Experiences

Joseph Marks | Nextgov | November 27, 2013

Cities hold the largest share of government data in the U.S., covering everything from liquor licenses to teacher performance reviews, but only a handful of cities have released that data to outside researchers and app developers. Read More »

Steve Marsh GMO Court Case Live On Sustainable Pulse

Staff Writer | Sustainable Pulse | February 10, 2014

Marsh, an organic farmer from Kojonup, south of Perth, lost organic certification for most of his farm when GM canola contaminated his crop. He is suing his farmer neighbour, Michael Baxter, in the Supreme Court.

Read More »