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eLife Joins Substance Consortium to Support Development of Open-Source Online Content-Editing Tools

Press Release | eLife | July 24, 2017

eLife is pleased to announce that we have joined a consortium of organisations committed to supporting Substance, a JavaScript library of tools for web-based content editing. As an open-source project first started in 2010, Substance provides the building blocks for realising custom text editors and web-based publishing systems that are critical in establishing an open-source ecosystem for knowledge creation and dissemination. The developers behind Substance – Michael Aufreiter and Oliver Buchtala – were key to the 2013 release of the eLife Lens Reader...

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What Can You do with Open Data?

Play a word association game and the word "open" will almost surely be followed by "source." And open source is certainly an important force for preserving user freedoms and access to computing. However, code isn't the only form of openness that's important. Open data has been discussed for at least a decade. At the OSCON conference in 2007, Tim O'Reilly kicked off a bit of a ruckus when he suggested that open data might actually be more important than open code. Open data in this context mostly referred to the ability to export the user-created "Web 2.0" data, which was becoming important at that time. Tim Bray, then at Sun Microsystems, highlighted the issue when he wrote...