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Even Cities Are Jumping On The Open Source Bandwagon

Alyssa Hertig | Motherboard | August 7, 2014

When most people think “open source” they think of software Github projects and hackers determined to code for the Greater Good. But it’s also a wholesale philosophy that can be applied to many aspects of society—like running a city...

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Has Open Hardware Finally Made Its Big Splash?

Staff Writer | Opensource.com | March 19, 2014

Chris Clark is the IT director at SparkFun Electronics in Boulder, Colorado. He talked with Opensource.com community manager Jason Hibbets, late last year during the All Things Open conference about open hardware.

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Open Science Leaps Forward In 2014

Marcus D. Hanwell | Opensource.com | December 23, 2014

We have had quite a year of open science at Opensource.com in 2014! I couldn't hope to cover every article we published over the year, but I will highlight some of my favorites...

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Opensource.com Publishes 18 Interviews with Speakers of the Upcoming OSCON Conference

For those of you who have not noticed yet, the folks at Opensource.com just completed the publication of an entire series of interviews with speakers at the upcoming O/Reilly OSCON conference. This conference is one of the most important and interesting open source conferences of the year and the wide variety of interviews conducted which show the depth and breadth of the conference topics. `

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Top 10 Open Source In Business Stories Of 2014

Nitish Tiwari | Opensource.com | December 23, 2014

Business is one of the prime areas of focus on Opensource.com, so naturally we've accumulated a lot of great information over the year about tools for doing business, like project management, customer management, and content management...For the best of the best articles on open source in business from Opensource.com, check out this list...

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