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Why Healthcare Isn’t Ready For Innovation: Docs, Vendors, Hospital Hiring Practices

Sean McCown | MedCity | March 6, 2013

I just left the healthcare industry for the second time and it’s sad the level of ignorance and superstition that exists around computers . . . and SQL especially. [...] It’s pathetic how far behind the industry as a whole is and the people who work in it are so close-minded I don’t see how they ever get anything done. Read More »

Why Is True Interoperability Crucial To Healthcare’s Future?

Kyle Murphy | EHR Intelligence | January 6, 2014

As the work between the Departments of Defense (DOD) and Veterans Affairs (VA) has shown, true EHR interoperability is no small feat. The two federal agencies have put in considerable time, energy, and resources and still find themselves short of achieving fully interoperable EHR systems and under the gun with Congress demanding to see a detailed plan by the end of the month. Read More »

Your EHR Doesn't Have To Be A Liability

Irv Lichtenwald | Healthcare IT News | September 13, 2012

Shed the status quo in favor of a customer-centric approach to healthcare IT Read More »