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iHRIS Retain 1.2 Released

Press Release | iHRIS | September 18, 2012

iHRIS Retain is the newest addition to the iHRIS platform of tools and technologies for supporting the health workforce. This tool helps managers of health workers cost retention strategies at the district, regional, or national level. Read More »

iHRIS Retain, A Tool For Costing Plans To Keep Health Workers In Rural Areas

Carol Bales | CapacityPlus | September 18, 2012

People living in rural and remote areas of the world need more skilled health workers to care for their communities. However, attracting and retaining health workers to serve these areas is a challenge. Although nearly half of the world’s population lives in rural areas, they are served by less than 38% of the world’s nurses, and less than a quarter of the world’s doctors. Read More »

New Publication Spotlight: Evidence From A Discrete Choice Experiment In Lao People’s Democratic Republic

David Nelson | CapacityPlus | May 31, 2013

Which incentives would motivate health workers to serve in rural and remote areas of the Lao People’s Democratic Republic (PDR), where nurses disproportionately live and work in urban centers? Read More »

Nineteen Countries Save $149 Million With Open Source Health Workforce Information Systems

Staff Writer | Capacity Plus | March 6, 2014

Nineteen countries are now using iHRIS, a free and open source human resources information system, to support over 810,000 health worker records. It would cost more than $149 million in licensing fees alone for these countries to support a similar number of records with a proprietary system purchased from for-profit companies.

Read More »