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Power Outages, Rabbit Holes and the Importance of Redundancy

Katherine McIntire | NextGov | July 5, 2012

Having just endured the Power Outage from Hell here in the Washington area, this last question is top of mind for some of us. When you cover everything from drones to data centers and the institutional implications of major computing shifts, it’s important to avoid going too far down the rabbit hole of a specific technology because there will always be another tunnel that needs exploration. Read More »

Right-To-Repair Law Proposed ... For Cars

Fred Von Lohmann | Electronic Frontier Foundation | May 20, 2009

It's not often that you get former presidential candidates from the Green Party and the Libertarian Party to agree on legislation, but Bob Barr and Ralph Nader have done just that -- jointly supporting the Right-To-Repair Act of 2009 (H.R. 2057)... Read More »

A Hardware Renaissance In Silicon Valley

Nick Bilton and John Markoff | New York Times | August 25, 2012

In recent years, Silicon Valley seems to have forgotten about silicon. It’s been about dot-coms, Web advertising, social networking and apps for smartphones. But there are signs here that hardware is becoming the new software. Read More »

Building Research Equipment with Free, Open-Source Hardware

Joshua M. Pearce | Science Magazine | September 14, 2012

Most experimental research projects are executed with a combination of purchased hardware equipment, which may be modified in the laboratory and custom single-built equipment fabricated inhouse. However, the computer software that helps design and execute experiments and analyze data has an additional source... Read More »

Canadians Take On NASA Design Challenge For Space Exploration

Sunnie Huang | CBC News | April 5, 2013

Toronto and Winnipeg are among the 75 cities worldwide taking on NASA's challenge to design both software and hardware to make space more accessible and more fun to explore. Read More »

Companies Making The Necessary Transition From Industrial To Service Robots

Frank Tobe | Singularity Hub | June 6, 2012

The robotics industry is on the cusp of a major transformation. Today’s factory robots are solitary precision instruments, mimicking the repertoire of capabilities of skilled craftsmen while repeating a handful of tasks thousands of times over. But future factory robots will likely have to be capable of thousands of tasks, performing each only several times, and they will work in collaboration with humans. Read More »

Could Open Source Principles Revolutionize Drug Development?

Sam Dean | OStatic | February 24, 2012

...a startup company is applying open source principles to, of all things, drug development. Transparency Life Sciences may have a shot at invoving patients in drug development in unprecedented ways, and could usher in innovative ways to speed up the clinical trials process.

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Cumulus Networks Unveils 'Cisco Killer'

Paul Venezia | InfoWorld | June 19, 2013

Startup's Debian-based Linux distribution for commodity switching hardware aims to upend networking's status quo Read More »

Data Center Designs For Evolving Hardware

Julius Neudorfer | Data Center Knowledge | April 30, 2013

Current designs for traditional enterprise type data centers aren’t necessarily flexible enough for the myriad of newer devices coming their way. IT hardware is beginning to morph into different form factors, which may involve non-standard physical configurations, as well as unconventional cooling and power schemes... Read More »

Data Management: Precision Agriculture Can Learn From Healthcare

Kelby Kleinsasser | PrecisionAg | May 2, 2013

In my brief foray into Healthcare Information Technology (IT), it took only a couple of weeks to discover that the challenges they faced were harshly reminiscent of what we’re facing in Ag Information Technology. Read More »

DoD and VA Interagency Program Office Awards iEHR System Integration Contract To Systems Made Simple

Press Release | Systems Made Simple (SMS) | October 9, 2012

Systems Made Simple, Inc. (SMS), a leading provider of IT systems and services to support critical architecture, data, and application challenges in the healthcare industry, today announces its contract award to provide management and technical support services for the Integrated Electronic Health Record (iEHR) initiative. Read More »

Does Open Design Hardware Have a Place in Manufacturing?

Eric Larkin | opensource.com | February 16, 2012

...thanks to the popularity of publications like MAKE magazine, and an increase in the availability of specialty electronic parts and open source software, a maker renaissance has begun...

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Five Open Source Hardware Projects That Could Change the World

Andrew Back | The H (h-online.com) | February 6, 2012

Open source hardware is increasingly making the news, as Ford partners with Bug Labs to “advance in-car connectivity innovation”, thousands of US Radio Shack stores start stocking Arduino, and Facebook releases the plans for energy-efficient data centre technology via Open Compute. But could it change the world? Andrew Back takes a look at five projects which just might...

Five Tech Trends Impacting Business Innovation in 2012

Tim Sweeney | Innovation Excellence | January 11, 2012

Highlights From Our 2012 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) Trend GuideJudging several categories of the CES Innovation Awards over the last three years has revealed five patterns we, at UPSTREAM, believe will impact the business of innovation for marketers, researchers and technologists in the near term... Read More »

Ford's Open Source OpenXC Platform as Gateway to Future High Tech Car Gizmos

David Herron | Torque News | February 20, 2012

Ford, like most other automakers, is heading towards a vision of the car as a platform for high tech wizardry and gizmos. Consumer electronics need not be limited to our living rooms or mobile computing devices, but can also be on-board the car. The OpenXC platform is a step in this direction, being an open source hardware and software stack allowing 3rd parties to connect gizmos to an OpenXC-compliant car.

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