habitat loss

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Study: Over 1.4 Billion Jobs and Food Supplied Worldwide Depend on Saving Bees

Press Release | University of Reading | November 28, 2016

World food supplies and jobs are at risk unless urgent action is taken to stop global declines of pollinators, leading scientists have warned. The authors of a landmark United Nations report on pollinator decline - including from the University of Reading, University of East Anglia and Centre for Ecology and Hydrology in the UK - blame loss of habitat, climate change and farming changes for the falls. Building ‘bee highways', reducing so-called green deserts, and helping farmers work with nature could all help, the researchers say in a new report...

Zombies VS. Animals? The Living Dead Wouldn't Stand A Chance

David Mizejewski | Boing Boing | October 14, 2013

National Wildlife Federation naturalist David Mizejewski explains how nature would deal with a zombie outbreak: brutally, and without quarter.