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5 Health IT Pieces Of Congress Agenda For 2015

Staff Writer | Government Health IT | January 6, 2015

With Republican majorities poised to take control of the Senate and House of Representatives, the 2015 Congress is expected to address several health IT programs. Although controlling spending and promoting free enterprise remain GOP tenants, the approach by Congress to various health IT issues will vary...

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House GOP Takes Big Step to Shut Down Government

Eric Pianin | The Fiscal Times | September 20, 2013

House Republicans on Friday made good on their threat to approve legislation to shut down the government beginning Oct. 1, unless the White House and Senate Democrats agree to defund the Affordable Care Act Read More »

Is Today the Day When Obama Starts Explaining ACA’s Benefits to Americans?

Tom Sullivan | Government Health IT | June 28, 2012

Whether you agree with Obamacare or not, it’s quite clear that the current administration has done a rather lousy job spreading the word about its advantages – even tangible benefits that Americans already enjoy. Read More »

Single Payer Is Needed Cure

Jack Bernard | Charlotte Observer | June 10, 2013

After spending 25 years in the health care field, most of it related to making hospitals more efficient and effective, I have become skeptical of many of Washington’s reform efforts, especially by my party, the GOP. Read More »