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SMS To Improve Indonesian Health Care

Staff Writer | Charles Darwin University | May 15, 2013

East Indonesian district health offices are turning to text messages to deliver patient care following training from a team at Charles Darwin University. Read More »

SMS to Map – Using FrontlineSMS and Ushahidi to Tell Your Story

Patrick Munyi | iHub | February 11, 2012

Want to know more about using mobiles for social change, crowd sourced mapping, and how the two can combine? Keen to learn more about FrontlineSMS and Ushahidi, and how these software tools can be used together to enable positive social change?

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Social Change And New Media In Africa

Cathal Gilbert | International Business Times | November 2, 2012

Cathal Gilbert looks at technologies being used by activists and discovers that many of most innovative ideas have come out of Africa. Read More »

Social Entrepreneurship On The High Seas

Ken Banks | National Geographic | February 27, 2013

Sailing some of the most promising socially and environmentally-focused technology companies around the world to meet local business leaders, investors and fellow entrepreneurs may not be the most conventional way of helping scale and grow their ventures, but that’s precisely what Unreasonable at Sea are attempting in a bold experiment in global entrepreneurship. Read More »

Social Media's Role In The Evolution Of FrontlineSMS

Ken Banks | PBS | September 26, 2012

It's Social Media Week this week, and in recognition of this and our seventh anniversary next month, we'd like to reflect on the role that social media has played in the history and development of FrontlineSMS. Read More »

Spotlight On: Ken Banks

Staff Writer | Ashoka United Kingdom | May 1, 2013

It has been a great pleasure to have Ken Banks as April's Fellow of the Month. Ken is a true super-star in the social enterprise scene, using his vast experience with mobile technology to create new projects, consult companies and mentor the next generation of Social Entrepreneurs. Read More »

Stigmergic Self-Organization And The Improvisation Of Ushahidi

Staff Writer | manwithoutqualities | April 10, 2013

In late 2007 in Kenya, US educated Kenyan journalist Ory Okolloh had become one of the main sources of information about the election and the violence that broke out soon after... Read More »

Strengthening Participatory Organization Uses FrontlineSMS In Pakistan To Improve Service Delivery After Floods

Cathryn Stickel | FrontlineSMS | July 11, 2013

When monsoons flooded southern Pakistan in 2011, the Strengthening Participatory Organization (SPO) quickly implemented a disaster relief project to distribute food items and shelter. This case study takes a look at their work, in collaboration with the Popular Engagement Policy Lab and Raabta Consultants, using FrontlineSMS to improve services in the aftermath of disaster. Read More »

Technology Volunteerism For Social Good; How We Made Frontline Easier To Use

Alex Pitkin | Frontline | December 23, 2014

At Frontline, we believe that partnership and collaboration best help us drive positive social change. Today I’m delighted to share how our partnership with SocialCoding4Good, an initiative of Benetech, has resulted in great improvement to the FrontlineSMS contact search and selection capability, using our newly released Multi Selector tool...

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Text Messages To Help Centuries-Old Choco Mining Tradition

Jim Glade | FrontlineSMS | June 2, 2011

Artisanal mining traditions and culture dating back to when the Spanish first brought African slaves to mine the region known today as Choco, are being reintroduced into the 21st century marketplace with the help of a text message. Read More »

The Charitable Face of Data Use

Tanzeel Akhtar | Marketing Week | November 10, 2011

When a massive earthquake hit Haiti in January 2010, the United Nations found that data collected through mobile telephones was crucial to delivering its relief programmes in the region. The UN Foundation’s vice president of communications Aaron Sherinian explains that - as demonstrated in Haiti - processing complex data sets is now vital for non-profit organisations to help everything fro Read More »

The FrontlineSMS: Credit Story

Sharon Langevin | FrontlineSMS | February 16, 2011

Mobile money is spreading quickly across the globe. The ability to transfer funds from a mobile handset has been hailed as the key to extending financial services to the base of the pyramid. Read More »

The Internet, SMS, and Participatory Health

mstem | Global Voices | July 3, 2012

Serina Kalande (@serina_k) is a volunteer with Rising Voices, where she has lead the Blogging Positively project. The project began almost as soon as Global Voices itself. It’s a collection of HIV-positive bloggers and those blogging about HIV AIDS. You can view a map of this network here... Read More »

The Power Of Technology Volunteerism: How SocialCoding4Good Helped FrontlineSMS Improve Its Open Source Software

Noa Ronkin | Benetech | January 7, 2015

At Benetech, we see our role as larger than just focusing on our own social good products. We’re therefore working to increase the engagement of the technology sector with social good projects beyond the scope of our own programs. Read More »

The Umpteenth Blog On Using SMS Feedback In Projects…Now with Support!

Aaron Seyedian | FrontlineSMS | June 4, 2013

With shiny apps hogging the mobile spotlight these days, one could be forgiven for forgetting about SMS (“Short Message Service” or text messaging).  But although apps often disguise themselves as universally useful, their data and hardware requirements preclude their widespread use in poor countries... Read More »