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Google launches Open Data Platform to share data about Natural Disasters

CNA Staff Writer | Taipei Times | July 11, 2013

Google Inc launched an open data platform yesterday to share information on natural disasters in Taiwan [and elsewhere] such as typhoons and floods, with the aim of building the country into a model area for the cloud computing-based system. Read More »

How the Emergency Alert System Has Already Been Tested—and Could Be Improved

Ruth Suehle | OpenSource.com | November 9, 2011

You've probably heard by now that today at 2 p.m., there will be the first nationwide test of the Emergency Alert System, which allows the president to address the American public within 10 minutes from any location at any time. Read More »

The Supercharged Technology Behind The Nemo Blizzard Emergency Alert

Brian Fung | Nextgov | February 8, 2013

With Winter Storm Nemo bearing down on the Northeast, many Americans are bracing for a blast of snow — but some Thursday got a blast of a different kind instead. Thousands of Verizon users reported getting an emergency alert about the coming blizzard on their cell phones that looked a bit like this... Read More »