eHealth interoperability

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Extremadura, Canary Islands Pilot eHealth Card

The governments of Extremadura and the Canary Islands, two of Spain’s autonomous regions, are testing the interoperability of an eHealth card, to be used for prescriptions and in pharmacies in both regions. The administrations of the two regions presented the eHealth card on 16 February, at an eHealth conference in Madrid. During the pilot-phase, Extremadura will dispense prescriptions to a fictional patient, to test if the medicines can be picked up at pharmacies on the Canary Islands. Read More »

German eHealth Working Group Reasserts Focus on Interoperability

Interoperability of eHealth solutions is getting renewed attention from Germany’s health care organizations. Trouble exchanging information between medical systems is hindering eHealth reaching its full potential, says the Federal Ministry of Health. The ministry made interoperability a key topic at the eHealth working group meeting, part of an IT Summit in Hamburg in October. Read More »