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The U.N. Will Not Stand For Killer Robots

Alexander Abad-Santos | Nextgov | May 31, 2013

President Obama may have finally clarified the U.S. position on armed assassins in the sky, but the next wave of drone controversy may now center on whether robots on the field of battle are smart enough to gun down human beings... Read More »

Tomorrow’s Surveillance: Everyone, Everywhere, All The Time

Jon Evans | TechCrunch | June 29, 2013

Everyone is worried about the wrong things. Since Edward Snowden exposed the incipient NSA panopticon, the civil libertarians are worried that their Internet conversations and phone metadata are being tracked; the national-security conservatives claim to be worried that terrorists will start hiding their tracks; but both sides should really be worried about different things entirely. Read More »

UK's Development Agency Funds Frontier Technologies to Development Challenges

The three-year Frontier Technology Livestreaming initiative was launched this week (1 November) at the agency's headquarters in London, United Kingdom, along with a report that singles out 10 technologies that fit its definition of 'frontier'.  These are technologies with the potential to "displace existing processes" and "reshape industry and communications, and provide urgently-needed solutions to global challenges like climate change", according to the report...