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Early Career Researchers Making Their Own Luck – With Help From The Internet

Kathryn Eccles | Guardian | January 15, 2014

Launching our new blogging platform for early career academics, Kathryn Eccles, historian turned digital humanist, extols the career benefits of staying open minded and switched on Read More »

Freedom For Scholarship In The Internet Age

Heather Morrison | The Imaginary Journal of Poetic Economics | December 13, 2012

Freedom for Scholarship in the Internet Age examines distortion in the current scholarly communication system and alternatives, focusing on the potential of open access. [...] Read More » And The Inevitably Digital Future Of American Governance

Zachary Karabell | Nextgov | November 4, 2013

The Obamacare blame game is in full swing, and without other news to fill pages and airtime, it’s likely to continue for some time. Attention is shifting from the myriad problems with the official website, and toward the health plans that are being canceled, even though President Obama promised that they would not be. Read More »

Let’s Stop Focusing On Shiny Gadgets And Start Using Tech To Empower People

Margaret Stewart | Wired | September 7, 2013

Two weeks ago, [Red Burns] passed away. But much more needs to be said about one of the smartest, gutsiest women I ever knew, and about what she thought about education, technology, design … and life. Read More »

MacMaster University’s Digital Brain Trust Hangs Out Shingle

Teri Pecoskie | | November 30, 2012

McMaster is opening the information floodgates. On Friday, the university will officially open the Lewis and Ruth Sherman Centre for Digital Scholarship. The centre, made possible by a $2.5-million gift from the Shermans’ foundation, has the power to vastly change the way many students, faculty members and researchers at Mac gather and analyze information. Read More »

Medicine 2.0 Day One

Susannah Fox | | September 16, 2012

My schedule only allowed me to attend Day One of the fantastically rich Medicine 2.0 Congress being held this weekend in Boston. I thought I’d share my impressions and notes in case they spark inspiration for other people, as each presenter and hallway conversation did for me. Read More »

Why Doctors Still Use Pen And Paper

James Fallows | The Atlantic | March 19, 2014

The health-care system is one of the most technology-dependent parts of the American economy, and one of the most primitive. Every patient knows, and dreads, the first stage of any doctor visit: sitting down with a clipboard and filling out forms by hand.

Read More »

Millennial Medicine: Knowledge Design For An Age Of Digital Disruption - April 26, 2013

Event Details
Open Access Event
April 26, 2013 - 8:00am - 6:00pm
Rice University
United States

On Friday, April 26, Medical Futures Lab will host its inaugural "multidisciplinary-critical-thinking-through-creative-design" symposium, "Millennial Medicine: Knowledge Design for an Age of Digital Disruption." Read More »