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British Government Offers School Pupil Data To Private Companies

Olivia Solon | Wired UK | April 25, 2014

Data relating to every school pupil in England is now available for use by private companies thanks to a change in legislation implemented last year.  The move is part of a wider government initiative to "marketise" data, which includes initiatives such as the much-criticised and the selling off of taxpayer data by HMRC.

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One In The Eye For The Sutton Trust's Open-Access Ideas

Richard Garner | The Independent | November 7, 2012

Something approaching a frisson of horror appears to strike our politicians at the very thought of debating selection openly. I was trying for three days last week to get a squeak out of both the Department for Education and the Labour opposition over what they thought about the education charity Sutton Trust's founder Sir Peter Lampl's plans for "open access" independent schools, ie, where pupils are selected on merit rather than ability to pay. Read More »