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Deloitte Report: Open R&D Models Increase Chances for Late-Stage Success

Press Release | Deloitte | June 15, 2015

Today, as thousands of drug makers interact at the 2015 BIO International Convention, Deloitte is releasing a report suggesting that biopharmaceutical companies could have greater success if they collaborate with other organizations – even competitors – as part of an open innovation approach to research and development. The report – "Executing an Open Innovation Model: Cooperation is Key to Competition for Biopharmaceutical Companies" – shows that drugs sourced via open innovation are three times more likely to achieve late-phase clinical success versus those cultivated under an in-house, closed-model approach.

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U.S. Annual Healthcare Spending Is A Stunning $3.4 Trillion, Says Study

Dan Munro | Forbes | November 17, 2014

As part of ongoing research into national healthcare spending, the Deloitte Center For Health Solutions recently published their findings based on health data from 2012. According to the new report, there’s an additional amount of healthcare consumer spending that isn’t included in the federal calculations (often referred to as the National Healthcare Expenditure or just NHE)...

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