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Five Characteristics Of An Open Source City

Jason Hibbets | GovLoop | June 26, 2013

How can you apply the concepts of open source to a living, breathing city? An open source city is a blend of open culture, open government policies, and economic development. Read More »

Mapping America's Illnesses, In Near Real-Time

John Metcalfe | The Atlantic Cities | February 10, 2012

People in Seattle are suffering from coughing and the flu. Headaches and fevers are going around in Washington, D.C. [...] All this drippy, wheezy intelligence, possibly accurate or possibly not, comes courtesy of SickWeather, a website that attempts to crowdsource the health of cities around the world. (Motto: “Say It, Don't Spray It”). Read More »

Q and A: What Feds Can Learn From Cities' Open Data Experiences

Joseph Marks | Nextgov | November 27, 2013

Cities hold the largest share of government data in the U.S., covering everything from liquor licenses to teacher performance reviews, but only a handful of cities have released that data to outside researchers and app developers. Read More »

Rats! Open Data Tells New York City Residents Where The Vermin Are - And Aren’t

Phil Johnson | IT World | January 22, 2014

As I written before, many governments these days, all over the world, are implementing open data initiatives to make data that they collect freely available in machine readable formats. [...]  This week I found one [initiative] that should be of interest to anyone living on the Big Apple: the New York City Health Department's Rat Information Portal. Read More »

Wal-Mart: An Economic Cancer On Our Cities

Charles Montgomery | Salon | November 10, 2013

In Asheville, N.C., a dense downtown generated jobs and tax revenue and restored the city's soul Read More »