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Five Ways Advanced Social Intelligence Guides Pharma Strategy

Mark Langsfield | | June 4, 2013

Within the billions of daily comments from individuals across open social sources lies deep intelligence into markets, brands, patients, caregivers, healthcare providers and competitors. Several leading pharmaceutical companies are already using big data solutions to extract insights from the social realm... Read More »

LibreOffice 4.0 And The Power Of Brands

Keith Curtis | | February 11, 2013

LibreOffice 4.0 was launched last week, and the news reports and activity on social media were massive, more than any release of LibreOffice or OpenOffice before, with better coverage than many of Microsoft’s well-funded introductions... Read More »

Standing Out With Open Source

John Noerenberg II | Open Source Delivers | March 26, 2013

All companies, regardless of size, know differentiating themselves from their competition is a key to their success. [...] When FOSS becomes a key component of an enterprise’s business, minor annoyances for a small organization become major problems which must be solved in order to do Open Source “right”. Read More »