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10 of Today's Really Cool Network & IT Research Projects

Bob Brown | Network World | February 1, 2016

University at Buffalo and Northeastern University researchers are developing hardware and software to enable underwater telecommunications to catch up with over-the-air networks. This advancement could be a boon for search-and-rescue operations, tsunami detection, environmental monitoring and more. Sound waves used underwater are just no match for the radio waves used in over-the-air communications, but the researchers are putting smart software-defined radio technology to work in combination with underwater acoustic modems...

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Biologist Investigates Antibiotics in Environment

Press Release | Binghamton University | July 27, 2017

A Binghamton University student could change how people think about antibiotics and the environment. Matthew Wersebe studies the effect of antibiotics on wetland ecosystems. “I realized no one was really looking at the effects of antibiotics as a contaminant, so that’s where we started,” says Wersebe, a biology major. Antibiotics kill or inhibit the growth of microorganisms. Agricultural companies treat animals with antibiotics for a variety of reasons, such as the reduction of pain or suffering, or to ensure their health or survival. Wersebe studies sulfadimethoxine (SDM), an antibiotic used to treat dairy cows, chickens and other animals...

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