antibiotic-resistant superbugs

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Superbugs Spread Across U.S.

Brian Hughes | Washington Examiner | October 6, 2014

As Americans worry about Ebola, the swiftly spreading virus that has traveled from West Africa to Texas, a more silent killer poses a greater danger...Drug-resistant bacteria killed 23,000 people in America last year and caused 2 million illnesses...

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This Drink Of The Vikings And Gods May Have Been An Ancient Antibiotic

Jan Dizon | Tech Times | February 20, 2016

The Vikings may have had the answer to fighting superbugs resistant to antibiotics, and it's all in what they drank. Studies show that mead, also known as the drink of the gods, may have given the ancient warriors an edge by boosting their immune systems naturally in a world where infections were the number one cause of death...

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