Alzheimer's disease

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Richard Price | Times Higher Education | May 8, 2014

Discoveries by laypeople are rare but free access to research results would increase the likelihood, says Richard Price

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Alzheimer's 'Could Bankrupt Nations'

Chris Higgins | Wired UK | April 29, 2014

"We're looking at the first disease in modern history that has the potential to bankrupt nations," said Elli Kaplan at Wired Health this morning.  She was talking about Alzheimer's disease, which every six seconds is developed by another human being.

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Global Study Finds Majority Believe Traditional Hospitals Will Be Obsolete In The Near Future

Nicole Fisher | | December 9, 2013

A global study was released this morning by the Intel Corporation indicating that around the world people’s health care wants and needs are principally focused on technology and personalization. The “Intel Health Innovation Barometer” found a consistent theme: customized care.

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The Forgotten History Of Vaccinations You Need To Be Aware Of

Joseph Mercola | | January 18, 2015

Vaccines are one of the most controversial medical therapies, and it's impossible to make an informed decision unless you know both sides of the story. In the process of knowing both sides, the historical context is critical...

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The New York Stem Cell Foundation Research Institute Announces Largest-ever Open Source Stem Cell Repository

Press Release | The New York Stem Cell Foundation | October 22, 2014

The New York Stem Cell Foundation (NYSCF) Research Institute, through the launch of its repository in 2015, will provide for the first time the largest-ever number of stem cell lines available to the scientific research community. Read More »

Winners And Losers With The 21st Century Cures Bill

Sydney Lupkin and Steven Findlay | NPR | December 2, 2016

A sprawling health bill that passed the Senate Thursday by a 94 to 5 vote and is expected to gain President Obama's signature is a grab bag for industries, academic institutions and patient groups that spent oodles of time and money lobbying to advance their interests. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell calls it "the most important legislation that Congress will pass this year." Who wins and who loses? Here's the rundown of what's at stake in the 21st Century Cures Act...

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You Should Control Your Own Health Care Data

Niam Yaraghi | US News & World Report | February 16, 2016

If you have ever stayed at a hospital, visited a physician's office or filled a prescription at a U.S. pharmacy, your medical information – stripped of identifying data – is most likely collected, shared and analyzed for various medical and marketing purposes. Your data may have helped a pharmaceutical company sell more drugs, a researcher find a better treatment option for a disease or a government agency predict the next flu outbreak. This is done through a multibillion-dollar industry that feeds on your medical data and reaps millions of dollars from analyzing it, without asking your permission or sharing the resulting profits with you...

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