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Medical Tourism: 1 In 3 Open To Traveling For Treatments, Poll Finds

Patricia Reaney | Huffington Post | November 13, 2012

Various studies using different criteria have estimated that anywhere between 60,000 to 750,000 U.S. residents travel abroad for health care each year, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

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8 Factors To Consider Before Taking The Open-Source Software Leap in Healthcare

Renjith Ponnappan | Med Device Online | April 29, 2014

Affordable healthcare is a major concern today, especially for companies developing solutions to enter emerging markets. Global companies are finding it exceedingly difficult to compete in comparatively less-regulated markets, with locally developed products.

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A Sustainable National Healthcare System: Prevention Only

Charles Hugh Smith | Business Insider | August 19, 2012

The current sickcare system will bankrupt the nation. One model of a sustainable national system would focus solely on providing preventative care. Read More »

Health Care for All? Really?

Health Care for everyone...  On the whole, it sounds like a wonderful idea, doesn't it?  It's the  right thing to do.  Seems there's a funny little thing called the Law of Unintended Consequences, where  an intervention in a complex system tends to create unanticipated and often undesirable outcomes.  So the intended solution makes a problem worse, it actually has a perverse incentive that causes actions opposite to what was intended.

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Healthcare Associations Congratulate Obama, Press Issues For Next Term

Rene Letourneau | Government Health IT | November 8, 2012

Healthcare industry stakeholders reacted quickly to President Barack Obama’s victory over Republican challenger Mitt Romney. Here are some excerpts of comments Healthcare Finance News has received: Read More »

Launch Of The Open Health Community

Staff Writer | Enviu | February 13, 2013

Enviu launched their newest project, the Open Health Community, together with Achmea. With this startup we want to find an innovative business model to improve the quality, affordability and accessibility of health care throughout the world. Read More »

No Room In Health Care for Users

Giovanni Colella | LinkedIn Blog | November 25, 2013

The front page of this morning’s Wall Street Journal featured an important story about one of the most important trends in health care today: the rise of consumerism.  For many years, most people had “first-dollar” coverage, where effectively they were paying for all their medical care with someone else’s credit card.

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