Electronic Health Records (EHR)

Electronic health record (EHR) systems are used by health care provider organizations to manage the health records of their individual patients. This category also encompasses electronic medical record (EMR) systems.

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Ace Health Solutions (AHS)

ACE Health Solutions is based in Raleigh-Durham, NC area. It offers implementation, support and services based on the open source OpenEMR  electronic health system. It is staffed with health IT, healthcare delivery and clinical experts that specialize in customized solutions for medical practices and small hospitals.

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Armed Forces Health Longitudinal Technology Application (AHLTA)

Armed Forces Health Longitudinal Technology Application (AHLTA), is the U.S. military's electronic health record (EHR) system. It is used to generate, maintain, store and provide secure electronic access to comprehensive patient records. Read More »


Augmedix simplifies how physicians use EHRs by providing a technology-enabled documentation service for health systems and doctors. We are on a mission to re-humanize the doctor-patient relationship, and address the largest pain-point in the US healthcare system – the burden of documentation. Read More »


BlueEHS, the Electronic Health Solution, on the Amazon AWS platform as an Amazon Machine Image for the benefit of all AWS users worldwide. ZH Healthcare is the developer of BlueEHS, a first of its kind, Freemium, SaaS, Electronic Health Solution (EHS). BlueEHS offers a customizable Electronic Health Records (EHR) with an integrated practice management system (PMS), e-Rx, lab interfaces, a telemedicine-enabled comprehensive patient portal, and more.

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California's Blackouts Reveal Health Care's Fragile Power System

Nicole Wetsman | The Verge | October 28, 2019

The United States health care system depends on electricity to function normally: it needs power to run everything from ventilators to electronic health records, to ferry patients via elevator through hospitals, refrigerate medications, and countless other tasks. But that PG&E planned outage wasn't the last. There were more outages last week, and they are likely to become more frequent as the changing climate keeps California dry and makes fires more likely. The number of weather-related power outages is also increasing as extreme weather events become more common. As a result, it's more critical than ever that health care facilities are prepared for a present and future where power isn't a guarantee. Read More »

CanEMR Medical Solutions

CanEMR Medical Solutions™ develops, markets, supports, and hosts practical technology-based solutions for medical practices. This includes support for open source Electronic Medical Record (EMR) systems containing patient records, i.e. OSCAR.

Care Management Solutions (CMS)

Care Management Solutions (CMS) is based in Rutland, Vermont and was incorporated in 1995; a successful medical billing and electronic medical records company with extensive experience using and deploying OpenEMR. CMS has hosted the community version of OpenEMR in the cloud since 2012 with a few customizations to help paper-based offices migrate their workflow to an effective electronic solution while maximizing productivity.

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CHCF Report: Open Source EHR Systems for Ambulatory Care

This 2008 report by the California HealthCare Foundation (CHCF) presents findings from an evaluation designed to determine whether open source electronic health record (EHR) systems are suitable for ambulatory care clinics. Read More »


ClearHealth consists of a comprehensive web-based 'open source' practice management and an electronic health record (EHR) system called Web VistA, based on the Veterans Health Administration VistA system.

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CloudVistA is an Internet-optimized Electronic Health Record (EHR) that utilizes technology developed by the U.S. Read More »

Community Health Information Tracking (CHIT) System

The Community Health Information Tracking System (CHITS), a free and open source software electronic health record (EHR) system for local government health centers in the Philippines. CHITS was created by Dr. Herman Tolentino through a grant from the International Development Research Centre of Canada. Since 2004, CHITS has been expanding to rural health units around the country. Read More »

Composite Health Care System (CHCS)

Composite Health Care System (CHCS) -  is a comprehensive medical informatics system designed, developed and deployed by Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC) for use by all U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) military health care facilities. CHCS shares its original codebase with the VA VistA system. However, since its inception it has been customized to meet the unique needs of the military healthcare system. See http://dhims.health.mil/products/garrison/chcs.aspx Read More »

Cottage Med

Cottage Med is an 'open source' electronic health record (EHR) system for small clinical practices. It is designed for PC, Apple and Linux environments. It uses templates that interact with the FileMaker database management program. CottageMed is a flexible, ruggedly dependable and HIPAA-secure system that can be implemented using your existing computer hardware... Read More »


DrCloudEMR is built by DrCloud Healthcare Solutions Inc, a wholly owned subsidiary of EnSoftek, Inc. DrCloud is led by a group of individuals who aim to serve the healthcare community by building cost-effective EMR software that will meet their day to day needs.

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DSS Inc.

DSS, Inc. [Document Storage Systems] specializes in development and support of the comprehensive VistA electronic health record (EHR) system and associated practice management programs. They have also developed interfaces for VistA to a range of with commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) software vendor products.

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