Caribbean Center for Disaster Medicine (CCDM)

The Caribbean Center for Disaster Medicine (CCDM) is the result of a collaboration between American University of the Caribbean School of Medicine, Harvard Medical Faculty Physicians of Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, and the government and community partners in St. Maarten and the Caribbean region. The CCDM is being created as a center of excellence to foster collaboration among professionals responsible for healthcare delivery, disaster preparedness, emergency response, and medical education.

CCDM is committed to playing a lead role in advancing the Caribbean region’s capacity to prepare for and respond to major disasters. Its initial conference, the 2019 International Conference On Disaster Medicine & Hurricane Resiliency, will focus on disaster medicine in the context of hurricanes, a vital and timely topic that affects the entire region. The event will bring together key stakeholders for the Center’s objectives, attract experts from around the world and region, and serve as a platform to share insights and best practices in disaster management, collaboration across the health professions, and training to prepare communities to withstand and respond to major disasters.

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