CORAnet Solutions, Inc.

CORAnetTM Solutions is a rapidly growing Global Healthcare IT company, providing innovative solutions to a more cost-effective personal health records management. We are a dedicated team of Healthcare and Health IT professionals with a shared vision to facilitate health empowerment. As the creators of the Mobile, Interoperable, Personal Health Information Exchange (PHIE) we are singularly focused on our mission to provide a best of breed Mobile, interoperable and secure EHR support solution and thus become the solution of choice for mobile users looking to own, control and access their medical records anytime, anywhere while enabling healthcare practitioners to provide coordinated care to their clients.


Personal Health Information Exchange (PHIE)

CORAnet’s PHIE platform consolidates, aggregates, organizes and integrates disparate patient health data assets back to the CORAnet mobile and HL7 compliant health management platforms.

Mobile Telemedicine For Remote Care

Available on mobile devices such as Android and iOS cell phones and tablets. Integrated into the PHIE it provides remote access to Physician care anywhere outside of an office visit. Enables improved operating costs and care efficiencies thereby reducing overall health care costs. (A study done on electronic bookkeeping of handwritten medical transcripts as required by government organizations and insurance companies showed that it amounts to over 30% of health care costs.).

CORALink™ – “In case of Emergency Application

Speaks for someone unconscious or unable to speak. Allows immediate access to accurate lifesaving data. Sends notifications to POC via text and email, including GPS location data. This is a mobile Widget that is available on mobile devices such as Android and iOS cell phones.

Health Data Analytics – WearaLink™

For wellness and fitness and for preventative care the system integrates and collects data from biometric sensors and devices, does predictive analytics for abnormal patterns and sends alerts and warnings to users for early intervention before health issues become a chronic illness.

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