FDA Targets Essentials Oils: Sees EOs As Threat To New Ebola

Staff Writer | Health Impact News | October 2, 2014

The FDA issued warning letters this week to the two largest distributors of essentials oils in the United Sates, Young Living and dōTERRA. The FDA is claiming that their products are being marketed as unapproved drugs. The companies have to remove all health claims and take corrective actions, or face very serious legal action, which can include armed federal marshals coming to their warehouses and seizing all of their inventory.

...What is interesting about the FDA targeting these two distributors of essential oils is that they are network-based marketing companies with independent distributors marketing the products on their own websites or out of their homes. This situation presents some unique challenges for both the FDA in seeking compliance, as well as the companies, who will most certainly want to comply. The FDA is taking the position that these independent distributors are “paid consultants,” and that therefore the parent companies have direct control over how they market their products.

...Because of the difficulties and intricacies of a network-based marketing company as mentioned above, the FDA probably has been hesitant to go after these two companies in the past...So why is the FDA acting now?  The answer can clearly be seen in a mainstream media report of this action. In what reads more like a press release directly from the FDA, the Washington Post explains very clearly why the FDA is choosing to act at this time: because essential oils are making claims for being able to cure Ebola...