Industrial Revolution Unravels, Collaborative Economy Rises Says Jeremiah Owyang

Pam Baker | FierceBigData | February 5, 2014

Just about anyone who works at analyzing social media knows the name Jeremiah Owyang. He was, after all, one of the first to accurately predict social media would take the world by storm--a contrarian view back in the day when nearly everyone was convinced social media was only a fad. Now he's predicting that the industrial revolution is about to completely unravel and be replaced by a new collaborative economy. Here's what he has to say about the changes we can expect.

"We've gotten used to sharing our lives, the news and everything around us, but Owyang believes we're going to start creating," writes Fred Bauters in a Silicon Prairie News post. "He founded Crowd Companies, a council for large corporations such as Intel, Verizon and Adobe, that want to be leaders in this new mindset--the sharing economy, maker movement and co-innovation--to tap into that creation."

"People are creating the physical world and sharing it," Owyang says in that same post. "People can get what they need from each other rather than inefficient companies."