7 Things I HATE About iOS 7

Mark Wilson | BetaNews | September 19, 2013

So… it's here. iOS 7 has lumbered its way onto hundreds of thousands of iPhone and iPads all over the world -- mine included. My iPad 2 may be slightly aging, but it still does the job for me. I've yet to find a compelling reason to upgrade to a more recent model, but the prospect of a major OS upgrade is always exciting.

I'd read great things about iOS 7 previously, but having never taken the step of jailbreaking my tablet, I had not been able to try it hands-on. The download from Apple's servers was going to be my first proper experience of the update.

In all, the process took about 3 hours. I fared better than a lot of people, but I still experienced multiple failed downloads as everyone in the world (it seemed) tried to grab the update at the same time. Quite why the failed download had to start from scratch each time is beyond me, but if that's the way it works, that's the way it works.