Product Team Releases Kujua, A New Tool For Global Health

Marc Abbyad | Medic Mobile | June 25, 2013

We are excited to release KujuaLite, an open-source communication and information hub for clinics. Medic Mobile has deployed KujuaLite for over a year in Asia, Africa, and Latin America, and we are ready to share this tool with the world.

What is KujuaLite?

Kujua, which means “to know” in Swahili, is a web-application for sending and receiving regular messages and forms, and also for scheduling time-targeted confirmation messages. Right now KujuaLite is optimized for three priority use cases — disease surveillance, stock monitoring, and service monitoring — but can be utilized for a wide range of communication and data collection activities. You can learn more and interact with a demo here.

Developed for hardware that is locally available, KujuaLite can run on laptops, netbooks, tablets, or smartphones and uses new database technology to provide scalability and flexibility. [...]