Reach For Your Pocket: Nicaraguans Turn To Their Phones For Reproductive Health

Chloe Lew | National Geographic | June 19, 2013

Access to the Internet is something often taken for granted in the Western world. For many of us it’s a handy way to share our thoughts and lives over social media, or to keep in touch with friends, or to look up the latest sports scores. For many people in the developing world the Internet promises much more, if only they had access to it. In this installment of Digital Diversity, Chloe Lew, a Peace Corps Volunteer in Nicaragua, shares details of a project which bypasses the need for the Internet and focuses on girls’ empowerment and teen pregnancy prevention through widely accessible text messaging.

Digital Diversity is a series of blog posts from featuring the many ways mobile phones and other appropriate technologies are being used throughout the world to improve, enrich, and empower billions of lives. This article was curated by Gabrielle Lepore, our Media and Research Assistant.