81% Health Professionals Are Investing In New Technology

Staff Writer | TheInformationDaily.com | April 24, 2013

Ricoh research has revealed that 81% of healthcare professionals across the UK and Europe belong to organisations investing in new technologies.

The organisations are investing in new technologies to be more productive and to enable remote working.  However, only two fifths (41 per cent) said they have overcome the challenge of sharing information internally, and nearly two thirds (62 per cent) said information sharing was worse, or just the same as in 2009. The figures highlight the information sharing challenges for the healthcare sector, as it seeks to meet the goals set by the European Commission to improve the efficiency of healthcare systems.

The findings are from ‘A New Perspective: Ricoh Document Governance Index 2012’, an independent study conducted by Coleman Parkes Research and commissioned by Ricoh. It provides a fresh perspective into how business-critical document processes are being managed in healthcare, education, legal, utilities/energy, public sector, retail, manufacturing and financial services sectors.  In healthcare such processes underpin everything from operations such as finance, HR and procurement, to patient records and drug/dispensary information.